About the Play

In “The Sound of the Cracking Bones” by Suzanne Lebeau, thirteen-year-old Elikia, a resilient, courageous girl, leads innocent eight-year-old Joseph on a harrowing escape through the jungle toward hoped-for freedom. Their story is later brought to light by Angelina, the nurse who rescued and cared for them, as she testifies before a tribunal charged with examining the issue of child soldiers. It’s because of her testimony that the reality of these children is revealed to us.
“The Sound of Cracking Bones”, a play originally intended for youth, is a life-affirming and an intimate portrayal of courage and hope that reminds of an unsettling and ongoing global issue.

Sound of Cracking Bones Tucson Actors

Angelica Maddock and Pablo Perez in the Teatro Dignidad production of The Sound of Cracking Bones/ El Ruido de Huesos que Crujen
Photo Credit: Andres Volovsek